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February 29, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Let’s get an expert opinion

Card-reader door locks are installed at this pilot fish’s company, and she’s tasked with setting up the software, configuring the locks and assigning employee access and times.

A VP gives her a handwritten sheet of paper with the employee door access and times, reports fish. Then he promptly takes a one-week vacation.

“The day the system goes live, the employees are standing in front of me yelling because their cards won’t let them in the door they want to use. They now have to use the main door instead.

“The VP comes along hearing all the complaints, then starts yelling at me that this is not the way it should be set up.

“I pull out his handwritten instructions. He looks at it and says, ‘That’s not my handwriting!’”

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Author: ComputerWorld

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