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“While I was his orderly, he used to maltreat me and treated me as a slave” Naval officer cries out and accuses Rear Admiral I.O Mohammed of maltreatment (video)

While I was his orderly he used to maltreat me and treated me as a slave Naval officer cries out and accuses Rear Admiral I.O Mohammed of maltreatment

A Naval officer has cried out and accused a Rear Admiral of maltreatment.

In a video recorded on Monday, July 13, 2020, Naval Officer Seaman Haruna Goshit made a number of accusations against his boss, Rear Admiral I.O. Mohammed.

Goshit, from Jos, said he and two other orderlies were posted to serve under Rear Admiral Mohammed but he rejected the other two because they are Muslims. Goshit said Mohammed did so because he is tribalistic.

He also claimed that Mohammed punished him constantly over petty things. He said he once told him to hug a tree infested with soldier ants. He explained that it was a painful experience because the soldier ants kept biting him while he served the punishment.

He also claimed that Mohammed usually asked him to use his personal money to pay for his (Mohammed) household expenses but wouldn’t pay him back. He went ahead to mention the things he has done for his boss with his personal money that was never repaid.

He further stated that he’s usually made to escort Mohammed’s children to their events, including when they are going to night clubs. He said he’d stand all night guarding the Rear Admiral’s children while they’re out clubbing.

He said Mohammed allegedly beat him and punished him often. He showed a photo where he was kneeling down in his “Liberty uniform”. He said it was Mohammed who punished him for no good reason.

He also alleged his boss, Mohammed, gave him grief whenever he wanted to travel for family emergencies and engagements. 

He claimed he applied for leave last Christmas but was denied. He said Mohammed didn’t allow him to travel for the holiday, instead, he asked him to stay and feed his goats while he allowed his junior, a driver, to travel. He said he was alone while Rear Admiral Mohammed travelled to Lagos to spend the Christmas with his family.

Goshit said he has reported to the navy authority multiple times but they didn’t take action. He added that he was told that they can’t do anything because Mohammed is a senior officer.

He said that after the last Christmas holiday, the one where he was asked to stay back and feed goats, Mohammed returned and saw that his car had a fault, so Mohammed reported him to the navy authority.

Goshit said the same navy authority that allegedly refused to take action when he reported Mohammed for maltreatment, immediately took action when Mohammed reported him.

He alleged that they arrested him and locked him in the guard room where he spent 23 days.

He claimed that while he was locked up, the Provost Marshal and Rear Admiral I.O. Mohammed seized his phone and formatted it due to the shreds of evidence he had there against Mohammed.

He added that after he was released from the guardroom they demoted him from Seaman to OS (Ordinary Seaman) and asked him to pay 120,000 Naira for Mohammed’s car that developed a fault.

Listen to the rest of the allegations he made and evidence provided in the video below.

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