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Pacman Jones sets Haden jerseys ablaze in video

Adam “Pacman” Jones got a special delivery of signed Joe Haden Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys, and the former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback wasn’t exactly thrilled.

Jones promptly pulled one of the jerseys out of the box, poured lighter fluid on it and lit it on fire in his driveway. He continued to burn jerseys from the box, documenting the process in a series of Instagram videos Wednesday.

“I opened up my mailbox today, and i had these jerseys in my mailbox,” Jones said on the video.

“I’ma show you how gangsta I am, whoever sent these punk a– Haden Pittsburgh jerseys, all these b—— about to get fired up.”

Jones, 36, continued to expressed his, uh, displeasure at the delivery, cursing the Steelers and Haden, a cornerback.

“This is what happens to Joe Haden jerseys sent to my house,” he said.

Haden, though, responded through Instagram and said he didn’t send Jones the jerseys and that the pair had a friendly relationship. The two played in the AFC North at the same time — Haden first with the Cleveland Browns before signing with the Steelers. Haden’s first year in Cleveland in 2010 coincided with Jones’ first season in Cincinnati.

“I see Pacman gets a delivery of some jerseys. That’s nuts,” Haden said in his own Instagram video. “You think I really would go out of my way to send signed Haden jerseys? No. I know you, Pacman, we’ve run into each other lots of times. I’ve got respect for you. That’s just wild. I would never do something like that. I just did an autograph signing. I don’t know how it went to your crib. That’s not something I would do ever, bro. It just is what it is.”

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