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Take It Back Movement Calls For Protest In Sweden

The Take It Back Movement, Sweden chapter, has announced plans to hold a mass action against poor governance in Nigeria on October .

The group in a letter signed by its President, Prince Ewemade Konkons, to Nigeria’s Ambassador to Sweden, called on all Nigerians in the country to participate in the planned protest.

TIB said it can no longer pretend that all was well with Nigeria as a nation.

The letter reads, “That the country is becoming a failed state is a given. As reflected in our political, economic and security institutions. We can no longer pretend that all is well with us as a nation. It is our strong conviction that the quest for good governance, economic empowerment and great security will not happen with the present crop of polticians, who take delight in dividing us on the premise of relgion in order to fan their amber of greed.

“That corruption is worse than we have ever known it, under the current governmnet is not a conjecture but a statement of fact. These malfeasnces have real life economic and social consequences on the lives of our people. Little wonder we are the poverty-capital-of-the-world-in-waiting. 2050 soon come! As we continue to fund the outrageous lifestyles of polticians, we still top the charts of the number children that are out school, kiddnaping is now more lucrative than banking as a career, religious intolerance and ethnic faultlines are now causing social tremors across all the political zones.

“All these, while we live in denial and those who benefit from this rigged arrangement see people like Sowore as an enemy of the state.
Rather than make life better the goverment chooses to make it unbearable for the people. How logical is it that tarriffs of electricity and petrol prices got increased at the height of the pandemic.

“For a government that initially said subsidies are a scam, to turn around and use the same reason to justify corruption, incompetence and greed is hard to swallow. As we mark October 1, we want to say a big no to corruption, insecurity, nepotism, rigged electoral system, godfatherism. We are tired of being ruled by misfits for the last 60 years.”

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