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November 28, 2020
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Find Out Why Terry Bradshaw Is Feeling Like a Proud Grandpa on The Bradshaw Bunch

“The Bradshaw family tradition continues!”

On tonight’s all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, Terry Bradshaw wasn’t broadcasting an NFL game, making an appearance at an event or showing off his singing chops. Instead, he was just a proud grandpa!

But before we get to Terry’s cause for celebration, it’s important to remember the very first episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, in which Terry explained that he has three daughters, “which means I have three problems.”  

One of those problems was the fact that Lacey Luttrull, her husband Noah Hester and their two kids live all the way in Hawaii. While daughter Lacey and Terry’s sidekick, 7-year-old Zurie, have long been on board to move to Texas, it’s Noah who’s needed convincing.

Now, back to tonight’s Bradshaw Bunch, which saw Zurie take interest in a new hobby: equestrianism.

“Soccer, ballet, Jiu-Jitsu…we tried all these things, and horses are really the only thing she’s been so excited about,” Lacey explained in a confessional. 

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