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I Feel Sorry For You – Doyin Okupe’s Gay Son Hits Back At Critic

Bolu, the son of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s Spokesperson, Doyin Okupe, has taken to Instagram to hit back at a critic over his recently declared gay status, saying he felt sorry for him.

After declaring his gay status, Bolu expectedly drew the angry reactions of some Africans, who are vehemently opposed to his homosexuality.

An Instagram user went on his comment section to say that he (Bolu) would have been a corpse if he was in Kenya.

The IG User, @blueweb_foundation, wrote, “Somewhere (in) Kenya, you could be a corpse. We Black coloured Never go against our God! Stay with your stupidity in France (sic).”

To the critic, Bolu replied, “Your whole mentality is tragic. I feel sorry for you. Your religion has turned you into a psychotic imbecile that you think it’s okay to kill people? First, you said to stay in France with your stupidity; sir, who do you think gave Africans Christianity? The French and the English pushed the religion on you that you are calling.

“Black coloured, you should educate yourself a bit. Second, the Europeans who gave you your religion has since moved past that because the world has developed while people like you are still stuck in the 18th century. You should know that the same religion that you so deeply cherish justified people to enslave your ancestors in the past.

“You are delusional. I hope one day you will educate yourself. If not, I don’t care; you will die ignorant and on the wrong side of history. (sic)”

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