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How Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood and Gillian Anderson Tackled “Relatable” Assault Storyline

“I think it’s really hard to hear, but it’s also really liberating at the same time,” Aimee reflected, adding that her character really wanted “to hold on to this person that she was before this thing happened to her and it’s actually like, it’s not going to happen.”

In a separate interview with E! News, Gillian added that she was glad Aimee’s character turned to Jean during this difficult time, because, as Aimee noted, she “initially wanted to brush it off as being nothing, which I think a lot of women do.”

“She was supported by her friends, specifically Maeve encouraging her to take it seriously and report it,” The Crown actress continued. “We get to see the impact that it has on so many different aspects of her life after that.”

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