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”I am yet to see anyone that has seen their children’s children that married late”- Nigerian clergyman charges people to marry early

Nigerian clergyman, Korede Komaiya, has outlined some of the disadvantages of getting married late. In a post shared on social media, the clergyman pointed out that he got married to his wife when he was 26 and the benefits of getting married early are numerous.

According to him, Abraham who was one of the favorites of God did not enjoy one of the fruits of marriage because he got married late. 


To marry and settle down early has numerous benefits. I married when I was 26 years and my baby was 25 years. Nothing can compensate for late marriage if care is not taken. The Word says you shall see your children’s children; surely there are biblical prophecies once you marry late you can no longer be a beneficiary of them.

Not even Abraham the father of Faith was alive to see the children of Isaac because he gave birth late. Abraham slept not too long before Isaac got who to marry. Early marriage has a lot of benefits;

– You are positioned to see your children’s children. Generational blessing!

– Acceptance of responsibility and maturity early in life.

– Settling down with the spouse of your youth to face life early enough.

– Generational thinking and planning.

I am yet to see anyone that has seen their children’s children that married late. Kenneth Hagin married when he was 21yrs and many others too. If you desire to see your third generation, early marriage is the beginning of it amongst others. It is never too late to get it right.

Be determined. Be very decisive. Be committed and grow into maturity on time. Be mentored also to accelerate your growth. Trust God to make up for lost years. Be generational and futuristic in your thinking.

Blessings in Jesus Name.”

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