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Watch the First Trailer for Dead Asleep, About a Shocking, Real Sleepwalking Murder Case

Sleepwalking turns deadly in Hulu’s original documentary, Dead Asleep.

Randy Herman Jr.‘s escape to paradise to start a new life quickly turned into a nightmare when he accidentally killed his roommate, 21-year-old Brooke Preston, in his sleep. Hulu‘s new documentary, Dead Asleep, follows Randy’s frightening true story and asks the question: “Did a remorseful Randy really commit a brutal murder in his sleep, or was it a convenient cover story?”

The Pulse Films production, in association with Sky Crime, features exclusive access to Randy and his family, journalists who covered the case, the defense and prosecution attorneys, forensic psychiatrists and world experts in violent parasomnia, as they explore the controversial murder. 

“Brooke [and] Randy moved down here in Florida to start a new life,” says an interviewee in the trailer. “They were always laughing, swimming, balling, always having fun. He grew up with Brooke, they were like brother and sister.” 

But the good times didn’t last long as the trailer cuts to Randy’s 911 call. “You need to send police. Someone’s been murdered. I’m sorry, it was me.” 

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