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Yes! 2021 Has Given Us a New Peanuts Holiday Special

Maybe 2021 wasn’t so bad after all! Before the calendar year flips to 2022, the Peanuts gang will be gracing us with a new holiday special just in time for the new year.

On Monday, Nov. 29, Apple TV+ released the first trailer for its upcoming Peanuts special, For Auld Lang Syne, which premieres Dec. 10. Much like its predecessors A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, the new special follows the beloved animated characters as they celebrate a major holiday.

However, instead of Charlie Brown, it’s Lucy stepping into the spotlight, as the just-released trailer shows her trying to plan the perfect New Year’s Eve party. As Linus details in the footage below, Lucy’s end-of-year mission comes about after being snubbed by their grandmother on Christmas.

Lucy goes on to tell herself in a mirror, “You are lovable. And I know just how to prove it!”

Determined to pull off the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration, Lucy instructs her friends to dress up, be on time and have good manners. Linus, who has been tapped as Lucy’s assistant, asks himself, “What did I just get myself into?”

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