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January 23, 2022
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Mexico seizes 380,000 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal


Mexico has seized 380,000 boxes of Corn Flakes, Special K and other Kellogg’s cereals, claiming the boxes had cartoon drawings on them in violation of recently enacted laws aimed at improving children’s diets.

While Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies are clearly not the worst thing Mexican children eat, the laws prohibit food companies from using marketing tactics that might appeal to children, like cartoons or mascots.

Mexico’s consumer protection agency also said Friday that the cereal boxes did not clearly state nutritional values like calories, fats, salt or sugar, or didn’t have the proper warning signs for levels of those ingredients that are considered excessive.

Agents raided 75 sales outlets and seized pallets of Kellogg’s products there, but the vast majority of the seizures were carried out at a warehouse north of Mexico City.

Kellogg’s did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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